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Challenge & Regnum Christi Infiltrating Your Parish?

If you’re thinking about speaking up, you should realize a few things; this would sound crazy to you, if you hadn’t already experienced attacks…

There is something the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi calls discretion. It’s like deception but it isn’t legally lies. They make accusations that aren’t really accusations, and tell gossip that isn’t really a lie. I’ve experienced it and it’s really frustrating, especially if you aren’t ready for it. (Example: we got an email in which we were invited to read 1 Peter 2:1. The person didn’t SAY we were malicious, deceitful, insincere, envious and slanderous, actually, but the meaning was clear. If you get this kind of stuff, parse the words as if the speaker was in the Clinton administration 😉

People in Regnum Christi don’t like to admit they’re in RC and they definitely don’t like to admit they’re part of the Legion of Christ. It sounds odd, but I guess somewhere inside they realize they aren’t involved in something they’re proud of? They say that it’s because we won’t understand, but of course the problem is that we will understand.
If you express your concerns, their response will be to attack your motives and character, in lieu of a substantive response. They will be sideways attacks, though. See their attacks on the former Legionaries. They disparage Maciel’s victims as bitter, liberal ex-Catholics. As the victim of childhood sexual abuse by a priest, I know how the victims got that way, though. It makes perfect sense to me that sexual or emotional abuse would turn a devout, traditional Catholic (their targeted recruits) into a bitter ex-Catholic.

Whatever they do, it is about money and recruiting. Watch for the money or recruiting angle in all their activities. Remember above all, that Christ promised St. Peter that the gates of Hell will not prevail against this Church. If it’s against God’s will, this group will not stand.

Yes, Fr. Pastor and JPII gave the Legion approval, but our previous pastor had banned Regnum Christi from operating here, although he doesn’t want to talk about it, and BXVI doesn’t seem all too keen on the group, either.

They say they are faithful to the Magisterium and the Pope, but see how their statements, both on the legionary facts website and personal opinions compare Benedict XVI to Pontius Pilate. See how they cling to their belief that Maciel is really innocent, and is just a scapegoat in the abuse scandals.

We don’t really have enough to make” Regnum Christi leave, but there are enough red flags with the Legion to keep strongly recommending that people research the group before getting involved in anything beyond our fine parishioners’ Challenge program, of course-grrr. If anyone wants more information, I have been researching the group for the past year, and I’ve uncovered some of Marcial Maciel’s writings that are really strange. Right now, I’m more or less just waiting for problems, because there isn’t a problem with Regnum Christi, until more people have trouble with them. And, there will be. They divide parishes, and take over schools. They aggressively recruit, and suddenly, parishes have money problems. They’ll then start talking about unity, but to them, unity means that everyone does things their way.

You mentioned that there was someone who seemed like a male consecrated at a party. Well, the Catholic Church does not have male consecrated virgins. Period. Either he isn’t consecrated, or he isn’t Catholic. Similarly, the consecrated women of Regnum Christi are not consecrated according to Canon Law 604; so either they are not consecrated, or they aren’t Catholic. When the 3gfs (consecrated“) give your daughter spiritual direction (which is odd in and of itself, as SD is usually given by a priest, to an adult who chooses him), she will minimize the importance of college, and encourage your daughter to discuss things she’s not comfortable telling you. Later, the 3gf will tell your daughter that she can disobey you and join the consecrated women, because St. Clare disobeyed her parents. They of course will not point out that St. Clare got permission directly from the pope, to join St. Francis.

There are plenty of other people who dislike the Legion but, most people don’t want to speak up because the Legion plays dirty. We have help, though, and more always shows up when I pray for it.

Also, keep in mind that ultimately, the truth about the Legion will come out. Some will realize it sooner than others, and when people get out, the rest of the Legion drops them like a rock. They no longer exist. We need to be ready to help when/if it happens in the parish. This is what our friends at ReGAIN experienced; they were in, remember! This is one of the reasons that I’m keeping this global; the other is that even though we know what Regnum is like, the RC’s all suck up to the priests and they don’t see anything wrong with the RC’s in the parish. I went around and around with Fr. Vicar last year; he just kept saying, But they’re nice to me. Fr. In residence has reservations, though. (So don’t believe any rumors you might hear about him! You’ll know where they came from.)

It sounds like you and I are in a similar parish situation. I started with an email to the other parents in my address book; I just said that although the priests were supportive of this group, it has a mixed reputation and that you think parents might want to research it independently. I admitted that if I was wrong, I’d look very silly, but that’s okay because that’s the wrong I’d rather be, and that I can always use a little more humility. Remember, and point out to others, that the parishioners who are bringing Legion activities are trying to be good Catholics, but that the group’s umbrella organization is what appears to be the problem. You don’t want to be attacking the other parishioners; make sure that you mention their good intentions. Respect parents’ informed decisions about this; there have been several parents who got involved with Challenge despite my warning, but then became alarmed about what the 3gf’s were saying in spiritual direction and pulled their daughters out. Any time you’re not sure what to do or say, go to confession (with only your own sins!) and then ask the Seat of Wisdom for help. You and I have the benefit of the Vatican’s announcement (and in October, Maciel’s great-uncle was canonized and Maciel was barred from attending it; San Rafael, the great-uncle, was a bishop in Mexico, and had kicked Maciel out of the seminary.)

Love, Ditzyblond

Awaiting Vatican Action

Now that the apostolic visitation has been completed the suspense continues as Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State, William J. Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Franc Rodé, Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life together with Pope Benedict XVI decide the future of the Legionaries of Christ. For details of Sandro Magister's report and opinion refer to:

The article points out the absolute dependence on Fr. Maciel, the absurdly exacting rules, the 332 page long handbook for the examination of conscience and the failure of the Legion to follow orders from the Vatican to remove the extra vows.

Nicole Winfield of Associated Press offers her report on the completion of the Vatican probe of Legionaries scandal at

Pope Considers Hand Picked Commissioner To Run Legion

In Brian Ross Investigates on ABC News The Blotter? Russell Goldman reports that Italian news sources are claiming that the Pope is likely to turn the reins of the Legion over to a handpicked commissioner who would have full powers to run the order.

For details see:
Pope Considers Commission To Take Over Legion by Brian Ross ABC News

Regain staff and friends along with thousands of people and their families who are affected by the Pope's decision following the Vatican visitation await the outcome as prayers for the Holy Father are offered around the world to support him in dealing with urgent issues now reaching a crisis stage. We offer our own prayers that God will bring order to the chaotic situations that have developed and that Pope Benedict XVI will be guided in wisdom and understanding by the Holy Spirit in whatever decisions he makes.

Accusers’ Victory Not Complete – Sanctions Against Maciel Don’t Spell Out Guilt

They finally feel vindicated by the Vatican's imposing of sanctions on the high church leader who they say sexually abused them when they were young boys and teenagers.

For years they tried futilely to call to the attention of church authorities the indignities they suffered in seminaries under the man they called Nuestro Padre, Our Father, the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado.

The former members of Maciel's Legionaries of Christ are now old men who have made a success of their lives after leaving the Legion.

But burning in their souls has been a desire to seek justice and a recognition by the Vatican of the wrongs done them in seminaries in Spain and Italy in the 1950s and '60s.

That recognition came Friday when the Vatican announced, after a year's investigation, that Maciel, 86, had been asked to give up appearing in public as a priest and to live a reserved life of penitence and prayer.

Still the victory is not complete. /

We feel some element of vindication in that the Vatican recognized that he has been guilty and he has been condemned, said Juan Vaca, 68, of Holbrook, N.Y., one of the accusers who flew to Mexico City to be with his companions. At the same time, he said Saturday, the Vatican is double-talking again in not clearly specifying Maciel's degree of guilt.

The Vatican's statement, approved by Pope Benedict XVI, said it was bearing in mind Father Maciel's advanced age and his delicate health to avoid a canonical trial.

Canon lawyers and other church observers say that no sanctions would have been imposed had the Vatican not found him guilty of at least some of the accusations.

But the fact there was no canonical trial to reach a definitive judgment of guilt left an ambiguity which Maciel quickly seized on. In a statement released by the Legionaries, Maciel, retired in his hometown of Cotija, Mexico, proclaimed his innocence but said he would abide by the Vatican's decision.

That hasn't set well with some of Maciel's accusers, eight of whom brought a canon law suit against him in 1998. Others who said they were abused are reported to have come forward to the church's investigator, according to the National Catholic Reporter, an independent news weekly, which broke the news of Vatican sanctions against Maciel.

We feel thankful to some extent. We feel a sense of trust and a new stream of air have entered the church, said Jose de J. Barba Martin, 66, a college professor in Mexico City and a leader among eight former Legionaries who brought the canon law suit against Maciel.

Nevertheless, Barba said in a telephone interview from Mexico City, Arturo [Jurado] and I feel this statement has left an opening for the Legionaries to say Father Maciel is innocent.

Jurado, 66, recently retired as an instructor at the U.S. Defense Department School of Linguistics in Monterey, Calif., and moved to Mexico. He was with Barba and two others of the eight men who brought the Vatican suit in Mexico City Saturday. They were interviewed by the Mexican media.

The story was also big news in Madrid, where the Rev. Felix Alarcon is now retired after years of working in Rockville Centre, N.Y., and Venice, Fla. He too was one of the eight accusing Maciel.

The church has for the first time put herself on the side of the victims. The other pope [John Paul] wasn't able to do this. This pope will force them to keep their feet on the ground, Alarcon, 72, said in a telephone interview.

Barba and Jurado said they spoke to their Vatican-sanctioned lawyer, Martha Wegan, who was very pleased and happy with the verdict. But they said they are demanding direct recognition by the Vatican through her.

We have asked our lawyer to demand we have a written communication [from the Vatican] to us, Barba said. It wasn't enough that the Vatican make a public statement, he said.

Barba said he and the others were very disappointed that the Vatican thanked the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi, its mostly lay auxiliary, for their work when what is really needed is reform.

When the stem is corrupt so are the branches, Barba said.

Another accuser with the group in Mexico City was Saul Barrales, 74, who was fired as a teacher in a Catholic school when he came out against Maciel in the first public expose of the accusations in The Courant in 1997


I congratulate the Vatican in that finally the pope did something, he told The Associated Press. Pope John Paul II supported [Maciel] but I think he was deceived or he wasn't totally informed of the truth. But the present pope is doing the right thing.

Maciel founded the Legionaries in Mexico in 1941 and it has a significant presence in that country, where it runs a number of schools for children of the elite classes. It has grown to be an order of 650 priests and 2,500 seminarians in 20 countries. It has 11 universities, including its first in this country, the newly incorporated University of Sacramento in California. It also has about 25 elementary and high schools run directly by the Legion or by Regnum Christi.

Its U.S. headquarters are in Orange, it has a seminary in Cheshire and a fundraising operation in Hamden. It has been barred from four dioceses - Minneapolis-St. Paul; Los Angeles; Baton Rouge, La.; and Columbus, Ohio - because of its secretive methods of operating. Archbishop Harry Flynn of Minneapolis-St. Paul accused the order of setting up a parallel church.

Throughout his reign, Pope John Paul II ignored accusations against Maciel, whom he repeatedly praised. Vaca sent letters to the pope outlining his charges against Maciel through official church channels in 1978 and again in 1989. He never received an answer.

John Paul made the first public trip of his pontificate to Mexico in 1979, after having been elected in 1978. Maciel paved the way, securing a personal invitation to the pope from the then-Mexican president, José Lopez Portillo. It was considered a great diplomatic coup in a country with strong anti-clerical laws and which endured bloody persecutions of Catholics in the 1920s and '30s. Maciel became a regular member of the pope's inner circle on subsequent trips to Mexico.

Coincidentally, the Vatican announced April 28 that one of Maciel's uncles, Rafael Gui?zar Valencia, bishop of Veracruz, Mexico, who died in 1938, will be declared a saint. He went underground during a period of bloody persecution and ran a clandestine seminary, which Maciel attended when was 16. The day after Gui?zar died, the seminary administrator expelled Maciel in what Maciel later called a misunderstanding. He was later expelled from another seminary, in New Mexico, in another misunderstanding, but was eventually ordained in 1944 by another bishop who was a close relative.

No date has been announced for Gui?zar's canonization, but as a suspended priest it is unlikely that Maciel will be able to attend.

Radical Reform In Store For Legion

Following is an unofficial English translation of the original article. For original article in Spanish Click Here

The head of the official Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, Gian Maria Vian, stated that the intention of Pope Benedict XVI is to achieve a “radical reform” of the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ.

While waiting in the next few days for the appointment of an apostolic commissioner to conduct the re-founding of the Legion, the journalist told Notimex about the enormous effort led by the Vatican to get to the bottom (of this situation).

The situation of the Legionaries is very delicate, has required a particular effort on the part of the Holy See, already begun in the last years of the pontificate of John Paul II and then accelerated by Benedict XVI, he said.

He recognized the enormous work? led by the five bishops who reviewed all the houses of the Legion in the world by the Pope’s order and as part of an apostolic visitation after the public recognition of the immoral actions of the founder, Marcial Maciel.

The findings of that investigation were contained in a lengthy statement released last 1 May, which made it clear that the structure of the congregation has been heavily damaged by the criminal acts of its founder.

In this regard Vian said that (the statement was) a very detailed bulletin that was not expected and it showed a willingness on the part of the Holy See to tackle the problem in the fairest way, i.e. take into account an important fact, the Legion must be radically reformed.

The director of L’Osservatore Romano referred to the Apostolic Delegate who is expected to reform the Legion. There has been concern about the appointment of Italian Archbishop Velasio De Paolis because of his advanced age, 74 years and that this could be an impediment to (achieving the objectives of) the mission.

His age does not seem to be an obstacle because the Pope is 83 years old, John XXIII was 78 at the Second Vatican Council. If Archbishop De Paolis is selected as the delegate he is only 74, so he is younger (than those mentioned) so his age is not necessarily an obstacle.

Although it has not yet been officially announced, sources in Rome are assuming that De Paolis will be named as curator of the Legion. Formal appointment is expected for next week

The same sources claim that the bishop will be accompanied by two deputy delegates, one for the Hispanic and the other for the Anglophone areas.


Archbishop Velasio DePaolis Named As Vatican Delegate to Lead Reconstitution of the Legion

The Holy See Press Office, Vatican Information Services has issued a statement confirming the anticipated appointment by Pope Benedict XVI of Italian Archbishop Velasco De Paolis as a special delegate to take over the Legionaries of Christ.

Archbishop De Paolis is a top official in charge of managing Vatican finances,
Knowledgeable Vatican observers have noted the significance of selecting a person with financial as well as legal expertise. (The Legion has reportedly accumulated approximately
$ 30,000,000,000 over the last several decades).

Based on an article by the New York Times, Marco Tosatti, a veteran Vatican correspondent with the newspaper La Stampa has commented that the new Vatican delegate has a particular understanding of the organization of religious orders.

Mr. Tosatti likened the Legionaries to a company that has gone bankrupt and added that a great deal of restructuring would go on and that he expects the current leadership to soon be out.

To see Vatican Information Services press release:
Click Here

To see the New York Times article:
Click Here

Legion Protector in Vatican is Out

Pope Benedict XVI has named Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone of Florence to become the Vatican Secretary of State, replacing Cardinal Angelo Sodano. (Change will happen in September)
The Holy Father has also promoted Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, who now serves as Secretary for Relations with States, to replace Cardinal Edmund Szoka as president of the Vatican city-state government.

Maciel Praise Provokes Two New Testimonies: Victim And His Wife Speak Out


From July, 1951 [AGED 11] to December, 1970

    Tlalpam, MEXICO: July, 1951 to July, 1954
    Ontaneda, SPAIN: July, 1954 to July, 1955
  2. POSTULANTCY: Summer vacations, 1955
  3. NOVITIATE: September, 1955 to September, 1957
  4. PREFECT OF POSTULANTS: Summer, 1957; in the same group as Fr. Mariano de Blas, Fr. Blazquez, Bonifacio Padilla and Raul de Anda.
  5. JUNIORATE: September, 1957 to September, 1959
    • PHILOSOPHY: September, 1959 to September, 1962.
    • THEOLOGY: Degree, September, 1962 to September, 1965.
      Simultaneously Assistant to the Master of Novices in Ireland from 1962 to 1965 while alternating months of work in the novitiate with months of study in Rome.
    • DOCTORATE IN THEOLOGY: September, 1965 to September, 1968.
    • On July 7, 1966 I was ordained a priest and joined the Vatican as part of the Sacred Congregation for Bishops until June, 1969.
      Concurrent with my doctoral studies and work in the Vatican, I served as Prefect of Studies for legionary seminarians: From 1665 to 1966 I was prefect of studies for philosophy and from 1966 to 1969 I was prefect of studies for theology.
  7. EXILE IN IRELAND: July, 1969 to December, 1970,
  8. LEAVING: I escaped from the college in Rome in a taxi on December 29, 1970.


Maria-Esther Zatarain de Gonzalez, Attorney-at-Law

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, May 28, 2006

To: Fr. Juan Pedro Oriol

Dear Father:

I take the liberty of writing this letter, although I do not know you personally, only because I saw your critique of the film The Da Vinci Code in the newspaper. My attention was drawn to the beginning of the article where you dedicate it to Father Marcial Maciel: a good, upright and faithful man. This description penetrated to the depths of my heart because you are not portraying this man truthfully. Is he good when he has abused more than 100 adolescent boys, and even children, whom he had recruited to religious life? Upright, when from what I know of him he has been living a double life on a permanent basis for decades? Do you believe this after all the aberrant acts of which he is so rightly accused? Faithful? To whom? To the pope who covers for him, to the Legionaries who serve and worship him, or more aptly to himself? But certainly he is neither good, nor upright, nor faithful to God. No! God saw everything he did. God cannot be mocked and God is asking him to account for his crimes. Even Maciel will have to come face to face with Him in a tribunal where neither his age nor his delicate state of health will matter. And probably very soon, precisely because his age.

I say this to you knowing perfectly well what I am talking about, since I am the wife of one of Maciel's victims. I will briefly tell you what I have experienced as a result of this abuse, of this assassination of a pure soul, who never imagined he would find himself with a sexual pervert, who would brand him for life.

When I met my husband, approximately thirty-three years ago, I began to get to know him, I began to love him. Little by little he told me about his life. He told me in broad terms how, when he was fifteen years old (he is now sixty-five), Fr. Marcial Maciel had abused him in a school the Legionaries ran in Ontaneda, Spain. I understood that he wanted to be sincere and wanted to tell me all about his past so that we could enter into matrimony without any secrets. I already knew that he had been a priest. However, I never imagined the horrible events that drove him to abandon the priesthood, nor the consequences and long term effects they had on his personality. And so, while I certainly was disturbed and it troubled me to find out about this, we continued with our relationship, got married and everything seemed normal. However, he always seemed sad, extremely tired, and became exhausted very easily.

In the first year we were married, he developed a very serious urological condition and was on the verge of death. He spent six months as a patient in a Mexico City hospital with a horrible infection.

When that was over, he remained sad and was sick with other complaints. He suffered from serious insomnia. Entire weeks passed during which he did not sleep. He was in a permanent state of depression. Whenever he heard something regarding Fr. Maciel, he would become very nervous, very angry, lose control. His mouth would go dry, his stomach would hurt and his digestion was affected.

I understood that the illnesses and the depression were a result of the abuse, but he always fought against them and tried to overcome them so he could move on, carrying out his duties at the various jobs he had. For several years he gave courses in human relations. He later opened a consulting firm and taught as a professor at ITESO until because of his poor health and exhaustion there came a point were everything came to a halt.

After that I spent several years taking care of all the household expenses, his doctors and his medications. I had to work very hard. In addition to attending to him, caring for him, and cheering him up, I was also studying for my law degree.

On various occasions during this period, when his internal anguish led to anemia as a result of digestive problems, and insomnia, my husband sought treatment from psychologists and alternative medicine. Most of the income we had at that time went to pay the psychologist, who was not in the habit of reducing his fees and was very expensive.

So, Father, you have to realize that for someone who has been through the hell we lived through because of someone else's fault, it is very hard to remain calm when I hear that this fiend is considered a saint, an irreproachable man, an example and guide for youth, or a good, upright and faithful man. It is not envy, Father, but rather indignation at seeing Satan's carefully hatched plan work so well, trapping many innocents in the clutches of the perfectly disguised agent he sent dressed in lamb's clothing (under the appearance of a saint dressed in a cassock). And it is sad to see that men of good will such as yourself have fallen prey, are unable to see because their eyes are blindfolded, and who nevertheless come to the predator's defense, thereby becoming his accomplices.

I am an attorney and I know the difference between a witness and a victim. Maciel has simple misled you and all those who defend him into thinking he was a good person. You are, to use a legal term, hearsay witnesses. If I were you, Father, I would be careful going about praising this demon cloaked in light who calls truth a lie and lying the truth. If I were you I would investigate, ask, examine, so that when God calls you to render an account, you do not say, Well, I thought . . . Well, everyone said . . ., They were only sins of youth . . ., Many priests do the same thing and they never did anything for the Church, etc., etc. All such arguments will be useless before God.

On the other hand I want to tell you that, yes, God is good and, yes, he is faithful, and one day God had mercy on my husband and sent us a holy person who helped us get to know the Word of God, helped us make our peace with God, helped us see Jesus Christ as the only gateway to salvation and liberation. Little by little God himself, like a loving father, began binding my husband's wounds, began healing his heart. And I can tell you with certainty that my husband has already forgiven Maciel, and even prays for him so that God may have mercy on him and help him seek repentance before it is too late.

Father, I truly wish that God imbues you with a special spirit, a spirit of revelation- that would allow you to know the truth, and that truth might set you free (as Christ said) and make you happy (as you say in your article).

Affectionately yours and with the love that Christ has put in my heart,

MarIa-Esther de Gonzalez

(Translation by REGAIN staff)

# # # #

[Carta original]


Lic. Ma. Esther de Gonzalez.
Guadalajara, Jal., 28 de Mayo del 2006.

Sr. Juan Pedro Oriol
P r e s e n t e

Estimado Padre:

Me permito escribirle esta carta, aunque no lo conozco, solamente porque vi en el periodico una crItica que hace usted a la pelIcula El Condigo Da Vinci. Lo que me llamo la atencion es al principio del artIculo que usted lo dedica al Padre Marcial Maciel, hombre bueno, Integro y fiel. Estos epItetos me calaron en lo mAs hondo de mi corazon porque no esta usted calificando verazmente a ese senor. A¿Es Bueno, cuando abuso de mas de 100 muchachos adolescentes y aun ninos que aAl habIa reclutado para la vida religiosa? A¿Aintegro, cuando, por lo que sA de Al, ha estado viviendo una doble vida de forma permanente, por dAcadas? A¿lo cree usted despuAs de todos esos actos aberrantes de que se le acusa con verdad? A¿Fiel? A¿A quiAn? A¿al Papa que lo encubre, a los Legionarios que lo sirven y lo idolatran?, o mas bien, A¿a si mismo? Pero ciertamente, ni bueno, ni integro ni fiel para con Dios Ano Dios vio todo lo que Al hizo, pero de Dios nadie se burla y Dios ya le esta pidiendo cuenta de sus crimenes, pero aun Maciel tendra que enfrentarse cara a cara con Al en un tribunal donde no se tendra en cuenta ni su edad, ni su delicado estado de salud. Y, esto, lo mAs probable es que muy pronto, debido precisamente a su edad.

Le digo todo esto con todo conocimiento de causa, pues yo soy esposa de una de las vIctimas de Maciel y brevemente le voy a contar lo que yo vivI como fruto de ese abuso, de ese asesinato de un alma limpia que nunca se imagino encontrarse con un perverso homosexual que lo marcarIi para toda su vida.

Cuando yo conocI a mi esposo, hace aproximadamente 33 anos, lo empeca a tratar, lo empeca a amar, poco a poco me fue Al contando su vida, me dijo a grandes rasgos que cuando Al tenIa 15 aNos (ahora tiene 65), el padre Marcial Maciel habIa abusado de al en un Colegio que tienen los Legionarios en Ontaneda, Espana.

Entendu que Al querIa ser sincero conmigo y querIa contarme todo su pasado para entrar al matrimonio sin ningun secreto. Yo ya sabIa que al habIa sido sacerdote, sin embargo nunca me imaginA los horribles hechos que lo habIan orillado a dejar el sacerdocio, ni las secuelas y consecuencias que habIan dejado en su personalidad. AsI que, aunque ciertamente me molestON, y me inquieto el conocerlos, seguimos con nuestra relacion, nos casamos, y todo parecIa normal; sin embargo, lo veIa siempre triste, muy cansado, se agotaba con mucha facilidad.

En el primer aNo de casados, se enfermo gravemente de la uretra y estuvo a punto de morir. DurON 6 meses internado en un hospital de la ciudad de Mexico con una infeccion tremenda.

Cuando salimos de esa, Al seguIa triste, enfermo de otras cosas, padecIa graves insomnios, semanas enteras no dormIa, en una palabra, estaba en depresion permanente, y cuando oIa algo sobre el Padre Maciel se ponIa muy nervioso, muy alterado, fuera de control, se le sacaba la boca, le dolIa el estomago y le afectaba en su proceso de digestion.

Yo entendI que las enfermedades y la depresion venIan desde el abuso, pero al siempre lucho y se sobreponia para seguir adelante, cumpliendo con los diversos trabajos que tuvo; durante varios aNos estuvo dando cursos de relaciones humanas, luego abrio un despacho de consejerIa y dio clases como profesor en el ITESO, hasta que por su estado de salud y agotamiento, llego el momento en que no pudo ya trabajar.

Entonces yo tuve que enfrentarme por varios anos a todos los gastos de la casa, sus doctores y sus medicinas. TenIa que trabajar muy duro. Pues ademes de que tenia que atenderlo, cuidarlo y animarlo, estaba estudiando mi licenciatura en derecho.

En varias ocasiones durante ese perIodo, cuando su angustia interior declinaba en anemia, por la falta de digestion y los insomnios, mi marido busco la ayuda en tratamientos con psicologos, y en la medicina alternativa. La mayor parte de los ingresos economicos que entonces tenIamos, iban para el Psicologo que habitualmente no hacIa reduccion en sus tarifas y era muy caro.

AsI que, padre, debe darse cuenta de que para quien ha vivido ese infierno que nosotros vivimos, por culpa de otro, es muy dificil mantener la calma al escuchar que a ese otro malvado, lo tienen como un santo, un hombre intachable, como un ejemplo y guIa de la juventud, o como, un hombre bueno, integro y fiel. Y no es envidia, padre, es indignacion al ver la obra de Satanes tan perfectamente urdida para que muchos inocentes caigan en las garras del agente perfectamente camuflado que el ha enviado, vestido con piel de oveja (con apariencia de santo y con sotana) y es tristeza, al ver como hombres de buena voluntad como Ud. han caIdo y estAn incapacitados para ver, pues tienen los ojos vendados, pero aUn asI se prestan para salir en defensa del depredador, haciAndose sus complices.

Yo soy abogada, yo se lo que es un testigo y una vIctima, a usted y a todos los que defienden a Maciel, no les hizo nada mas que engaNarlos de que era una buena persona, ustedes son testigos de oIdas, como se dice en Derecho, pero yo que usted padre, tendrIa cuidado de andar ponderando a ese demonio que se viste de luz, que llama a la verdad mentira y a la mentira verdad. Yo que usted investigaba, preguntaba, indagaba, no sea que Dios tambien a usted le pida cuentas y le tenga que responder: pues yo creIa. . . ., pues todo mundo decIa. . . . , total, pecados de juventud, a muchos sacerdotes les pasa y ellos no han hecho nada por la Iglesia, etc. etc. Todos esos argumentos no le van a valer ante Dios.

Por otro lado le quiero decir, que Dios sI es bueno y el sI es fiel y un dia Dios tuvo misericordia de mi esposo y nos envio una persona santa que nos llevo al conocimiento de la Palabra de Dios, nos llevo a hacer nuestra paz con Dios, nos llevo a ver a Jesucristo como la Unica puerta para nuestra salvacion y nuestra liberacion. Poco a poco Dios mismo, como un padre amoroso, fue restaurando las heridas de mi esposo, fue sanando su corazon, y le puedo decir con toda certeza, que ya perdono a Maciel y hasta ora por Al para que Dios tenga misericordia de Al y lo ayude a buscar el arrepentimiento antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

Padre, de verdad deseo que Dios ponga en usted un espIritu especial, un espIritu de revelacion que le haga conocer la verdad y que esa verdad lo haga libre (como dice Cristo) y feliz (como dice usted en su artIculo).

Lo saludo con afecto y con el amor que Cristo ha puesto en mi corazon

Lic. Ma. Esther de Gonzalez.

Telephone number withheld by REGAIN editor

* * * *


To Fr. Juan Pedro Oriol, LC, &
Jorge SuArez Huizar and Arturo Lucke Gracien, esquires.

I read your review of the film, The Da Vinci Code, and I am in complete agreement. However, I was struck by your comment in which, on the one hand, regarding Fr. Marcial Maciel, you refer to him as a good, upright and loyal man. On the other hand, you suggest to your readers that they always seek to discover the truth because only through truth are they made free and happy.

In the same spirit of love for the truth which you recommend, I wish to inform you that I was a priest of the Legionaries of Christ. In the twenty years devoted to work and study when I belonged to the Legion, I obtained a degree in philosophy and a doctorate in theology from the Gregorian University and was Prefect of Studies at the Legionaries of Christ College of Higher Studies in Rome.

Now in the spirit of helping you also to find the truth, I want you to know that at a young age I was a victim of outright sexual abuse, perpetrated in a deceitful and premeditated way, by Fr. Maciel. For this reason and in spite of having been ordained a priest in Rome by then Pope Paul VI [From the author's soon to be published testimony: I was ordained a priest in July 1966 by Pope Paul VI in the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome.], I felt compelled to abandon the Legion and the priesthood, taking with me all the moral and psychological damage that you might imagine. For many years I have lived with illness, have been in danger of losing my life, and have experienced continual depression as a result of the abuse committed against my person by Fr. Maciel. Even now I am suffering from the consequences.

But this is only my story. What about the 100 or more cases reported under sworn oath to the Holy See? I have since forgiven Fr. Maciel and I hope that God enlightens him and helps him to acknowledge the grave sin he has committed against those who were his victims and their families, against society and against those Legionaries of Christ who remain members in good faith of the congregation.

I am addressing you publicly because I am outraged by such deceit, falsehood and lies, and because it pains me to know that there are so many people who refuse to accept the truth and still others who impede truth through injustice. For some reason they have a need not to want to search for the truth or to even see it. Otherwise, they would realize that, if Pope Benedict XVI felt obliged for reasons of conscience to take such drastic action against Fr. Maciel by retiring him from all public practice of his priestly ministry, it is because there was sufficient evidence for him to do so in spite of the dishonor such an act could bring to the Catholic Church, to the person of Pope John Paul II and to his own person, and in spite of the damage this could cause not only to the credibility of the Legionaries of Christ and to the Regnum Christi Movement, but also to the economic, political and social advantages these institutions bring to the Vatican and the Holy See.

It is the opinion of many thinking people that the slight punishment imposed on Fr. Maciel by the pope is the result of a conflict of interests arising out of the above-mentioned advantages the Legion provides to the Vatican and to the papacy. Therefore, instead of trying him for atrocious sexual crimes and abuse of power committed against so many young candidates for the priesthood, they have hidden him from public view so that he may live in comfortable opulence, attended by his unconditionally loyal servants from the Legion. He does so in light of the pope's recommendation that he use his time for prayer and penitence. Fr. Maciel will need prayer and penitence because God cannot be mocked. What he needs is courage, honesty and genuine repentance in order to publicly ask for forgiveness from those he has wronged, since this is the only way to vindicate himself and his congregation, and, by so doing, compensate his victims in some slight way.

Seek the truth yourself, Father Oriol, as you advise others to do, for it is truth that will make you free and happy, as you have said. Stop being part of the Works of Darkness, believing, perhaps in good faith, that you are a bearer of truth and light.

But if anyone causes the downfall of one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea. Matthew 18, 6.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any clarification.
Francisco Gonzalez P.
Former priest of the Legionaries of Christ
Zapopan, Jalisco (Mexico)
[Phone number withheld by REGAIN editor]
(Translation by REGAIN staff)

* * * *


CARRERA EN LA LEGION: Desde julio del ’51, A LOS ONCE ANYOS, hasta Diciembre del ’70

Tlalpam, MEXICO: Julio 1951 a Julio 1954
Ontaneda, SPAIN: Julio 1954 a julio 1955:

2-POSTULANTADO: Vacaciones de Verano del 1955:
3-NOVICIADO: Septiembre del ’55, a Septiembre del ’57;

4-PREFECTO DE POSTULANTES: Verano del ’57: Grupo del P. Mariano de Blas; P. Blazquez; Bonifacio Padilla; Raul de Anda,…

5-JUNIORADO: Septiembre 57 a Septiembre del ’59

6- E S T U D I O S
S U P E R I O R E S: R O M E
-FILOSOFIA: Septiembre del ’59 a Septiembre del 62;
-TEOLOGA?A: Licenciatura: Septiembre del ’62 a Septiembre del 65.
SimultAneamente Asistente del Maestro de Novicios en Irlanda del 62 al 65; alternando los meses de trabajo en el Noviciado, con los meses de Estudio en Roma.
-DOCTORADO EN TEOLOGA: Septiembre del 65 a Septiembre del ’68.
-El 7 de Julio del ’66, me ordenA de sacerdote y entre al Vaticano, a formar parte de la Sagrada CongregaciONn para las Obispos como escritor de 3er. nivel, hasta junio de 1969.
SimultAneamente a mis estudios de doctorado y trabajo en el Vaticano, desempeNA el cargo de Prefecto de Estudios de los seminaristas legionarios: en el ano 1965-66, fuI prefecto de estudios de FilosofIa; y del aNo 1966 al 69, fui prefecto de estudios de Teologia;

7-DESTIERRO [EXILE] EN IRLANDA: Julio ’69 a Diciembre del ’70;

8- SALIDA [ESCAPE]: Me escape del colegio de Roma en un taxi el 29 de Diciembre de 1970.

* * * *


[The following is the original Spanish version of the letter written by Francisco Gonzalez-Parga to a newspaper in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico]


Al Padre Juan Pedro Oriol, LC., y
Sres. Jorge SuArez Huizar y Arturo Lucke GraciAn.

LeI su crItica de la pelIcula El CONdigo Da Vinci. Estoy de acuerdo en todo, sin embargo me llamON mucho la atenciONn su comentario del Padre Marcial Maciel al que Ud. se refiere diciendo que es Hombre bueno, Integro y fiel. Por otro lado Ud. sugiere a sus lectores que no dejen de descubrir la verdad, porque solo la verdad nos hace libres y felices.

Con ese espIritu de amor a la verdad que Ud. sugiere, quiero informarle que yo fui Sacerdote de los Legionarios de Cristo. Durante los 20 aNos de trabajo y estudio en que permanecI en la Legion, obtuve Licenciatura en Filosofia y Doctorado en Teologia por la Universidad Gregoriana y fui Prefecto de Estudios en el Colegio Maximo de los Legionarios de Cristo, en Roma.

Ahora bien, con el Animo de ayudarle a Ud. tambiAn a encontrar la verdad, quiero que sepa que fui victima a corta edad de abusos sexuales directos, perpetrados con engaNos premeditados por el Padre Maciel. Por esa causa y a pesar que fui ordenado Sacerdote en Roma por el entonces Papa Pablo VI, [Editor: Fui ordenado sacerdote en Julio de 1966 por el Papa Paulo VI, en la Basilica de San Pedro en Roma, del Testimonio del autor], me vi impulsado a abandonar la Legion y el Sacerdocio, llevando conmigo todo el daNo moral y psicologico que usted se puede imaginar y que sufrI por muchos aNos al grado de vivir enfermo, con peligro de perder la vida y con depresiones continuas, como consecuencia del abuso cometido contra mi persona por el Padre Maciel y aUn en la actualidad sufro las consecuencias.

Pero ese es solo mi caso, A¿quA hay de los otros cien (100) o mas casos reportados bajo juramento por escrito a la Santa Sede? Yo perdonA ya al P. Maciel, y espero que Dios lo ilumine y lo ayude a reconocer su grave pecado cometido contra quienes han sido sus vIctimas y sus familias, contra la sociedad y contra los mismos Legionarios de Cristo que de buena fe permanecen en la Congregacion.

Y si me dirijo a Ud. publicamente es porque me da en cara tanto engano, falsedad y mentira y me duele que haya tantas personas que renuncian a conocer la verdad, y otras aUn, que detienen con injusticia la verdad. Porque se necesita no querer buscar la verdad, o incluso no querer verla por algun interes creado, para no darse cuenta que si el Papa Benedicto XVI se vio obligado, por razones de conciencia, a tomar una medida drAstica contra el P. Maciel y a retirarlo de toda prActica publica del ministerio sacerdotal, es porque constato suficiente evidencia para hacerlo, a pesar de la deshonra a la que exponIa con ese acto a la Iglesia Catolica, a la persona del Papa Juan Pablo II y a su misma persona, y a pesar del daNo que podIa causar, tanto a la credibilidad de la congregacion de los Legionarios de Cristo y del Movimiento Regnum Christi, como a las ventajas economicas, polIticas y sociales que estas instituciones le aportan al Vaticano y a la Santa Sede.

Es de la opinion de mucha gente pensante que el leve castigo otorgado por el Papa al Padre Maciel, se debe al conflicto de intereses, dadas las ventajas mencionadas que representan los Legionarios de Cristo para el Vaticano y para el Papado. Por eso en vez de juzgarlo por los atroces crImenes de homosexualidad y abuso de poder cometidos contra tantos jovenes candidatos al sacerdocio, simplemente lo escondieron de la vista pUblica para que viva comodamente en la opulencia y atendido por servidores incondicionales dentro de la LegiONn, aunque con la recomendacion por parte del Papa para que aproveche su tiempo para orar y hacer penitencia. Lo va a necesitar, porque Dios no puede ser burlado y se necesita valentIa, honestidad y un genuino arrepentimiento para pedir perdon publicamente a las personas que ofendio pues es lo Unico que podrIa reivindicar al Padre Maciel y a la congregacion y asi resarcir de alguna manera a sus victimas.

Busque Ud. la Verdad, Padre, de acuerdo a lo que aconseja, ya que la Verdad lo hara verdaderamente libre y feliz como usted dice. No siga participando en las obras de las tinieblas, pensando quiza de buena fe que es portador de luz y de verdad.
Y cualquiera que haga tropezar a alguno de estos pequenos que creen en mI, mejor le fuera, que se le atase una piedra de molino al cuello y que se le arrojase en lo profundo del mar (Mateo 18, 6).

Estoy a sus ordenes para cualquier aclaracion.
Francisco Gonzalez P.

Ex Sacerdote de los Legionarios de Cristo
Zapopan, Jal.
[Numero telefonico no revelado por ReGAIN]

Maciel’s Cynicism Outrages Irish Victim From The 60’s

To Regain
P.O. Box 3213
VA 22302


By Michael F. Caheny, PhD

[The Co. Sligo born author entered the LC Novitiate in Salamanca, Spain on September 15th, 1961, at the age of 16/17 and continued through theology studies. His Apostolic Practices took him to the Junior Seminary School in Mexico in 1969. He exited the LC before ordination and was ordained for the Irish diocese of Elfin on 9/17/72. After many years of priestly ministry with the Brazilian poor, in 1985 he took a leave of absence. He is presently married and has two teenage boys. Michael was sexually initiated by Fr. Maciel in 1962 and the abusive relationship continued through 1969.]

  1. . Just recently via internet I became aware of the vastness of the discussion related to the Legion of Christ and its Founder.
  2. Being one of the first Irish Legionaries, and having had contact with the founder at a level that very few had or were aware of, I would like to make some statements regarding this whole issue for clarity's sake.
  3. For start[er]s. Marcial Maciel is totally dishonest affirming that he is innocent of charges made against him of being a pedophile. The list of people molested by him (including myself) is far more numerous than those who have brought charges. I can say that the number over the past four decades reaches nearly 100 people. Some have left the congregation; others have remained in silence with fear in their hearts and will never say a word not even to a Church investigator. I know that most of the first candidates who came from Mexico (as little boys) were sexually abused. Maciel told me on different occasions, especially under the influence of Demerol, about the sizes of the penises of different [LC] members, e.g., Fr. S's is really big!
  4. People from inside the congregation who write and defend him are just obeying orders and painting the black cat white. I was sexually abused by him in Italy and Mexico on various occasions, and I told the late Pope and [the] present this fact, and I will take a lie detector test to prove it. Will Maciel do this?
  5. To write about Maciel as if he were a great man or saint is just pure stupidity. This man is incapable of even writing a decent letter! But he did discover that the Church needed a link between the Vatican and governments. He started by [with] the Mexican Government and the Vatican. He has extended the congregation principally by [through] the Irish who had the ease to go to the States, Australia, etc.
  6. [Editor corrected numbers: the author here repeats the number 5] People shouldn't be taken in by the fact that the Legion claims it has so many priests and followers. So has the Dalai Lama! The name Legion of Christ was taken from the name Legion of Mary?, and a picture given by the founder of the Legion of Mary [Editor: Frank Duff, to Maciel] on a flight to Lourdes! The Regnum Christi folders were all developed from a book written by some Spanish author about The Kingdom! The Norms and Rules of the Legion were all taken from the Rule of St. Benedict and later adapted, but not inspired after Masses celebrated by our Mexican Mistake Maciel!
  7. All the people who originally got into a position of power were victims of Maciel -who shut [Ed., sealed] their lips by going to confession to them- or were his lackeys. Becoming a superior was never based on competence but on complete and total submission to Nuestro Padre (Echoes of St. Ignatius?). Opus Dei and the Jesuits were always the benchmark for Maciel who just imitated their tactics and arse-licked Vatican authorities.
  8. Fr. Jorge Bernal was named bishop of Quintana Roo to get rid of him and have a footing inside the Mexican Hierarchy. He has also suffered at the culprit's hands!
  9. Christmas time is special. All the cardinals in Rome receive their special Christmas Box with goods imported from Spain. But, favors are expected later.
  10. Fr. Roberto Gonzalez, [LC], placed in the [Vatican] Congregation of Bishops, abused information [confidentiality] by telling Maciel that Archbishop Ryan of Dublin would succeed Cardinal Mc Quaid. Fr. Ryan suddenly received a visit by [from] Maciel insinuating that it was him [Maciel] who had indicated [influenced that].
    Editor: Fr. Gonzalez was sent away from Rome to a friendly Italian diocese. He returned to the Legion-no questions asked or explanations given to the community- about 6 years ago!
  11. Maciel has a Rolex, eats the very best because he has nephritis, and every time he gets sick new or old candidates are called to assist [ed. attend on him and his needs]. How does Maciel proceed sexually? He complains of pains in his stomach and asks for massage, then gradually he brings the hand of the person down to his penis to masturbate him. At the same time he opens the zipper of his assistant's pants and squeezes his penis until he sheds sperm. When finished, you have to clean his belly and your hands of the sperm. He takes injections of Demerol regularly; if you doubt, just examine his arm! He's an experienced Demerol taker. If you want to be popular, always have a spare Demerol injection ready. But Maciel likes new flesh and change, so those naive beautiful new men who are told to attend to Our Holy Father's needs go in without knowing what's in store! Problems of conscience forever!-
  12. While in Mexico I heard stories of young Legionary priests who just vanished overnight and were never heard of again. His relationship with the Mexican Secret Police leaves room to [for] doubt. When I was at the Irish College in Rome I had to attend various members who fled from the Via Aurelia [Legion house], looking for somewhere to stay. One case in point is Fr. Praga [Francisco Gonzalez Parga, dispensed and happily married ex LC priest]. Where is he now?
  13. I wrote to CNN and asked why the Legion of Christ is called to comment [on their programs]. The President replied vaguely (copy enclosed for Regain). Who are the Legionaries to comment? It appears to be another form of Ecclesiastical Networking, When you want to know about the Church, speak to
  14. To finish Marcial Maciel is a pedophile and I am a victim, and I will stand in any court of law to condemn him. Let's hope that all the 'blabberdash' [balderdash] of pros and cons from people less informed comes to an end. Maciel is a bluff. But he fooled Vatican authorities because they wanted it. The Legion of Christ will disappear in less than 10 years. The Church doesn't need them and they have nothing to offer apart from being a cheap imitation of the Jesuits and Opus Dei. The picture of the famous Decretum Laudis [Vatican Approval Decree of LC] is a tacky postcard bought in St. Peter's Square. I have grave reservations about John Paul II for giving so much protection to Maciel. Because of this error of discernment I have serious reservations about his sanctity.
  15. Let's stop this farce of the imbecile Maciel and show him in his true colors. If he were a simple priest in a diocese he would have been put in prison years ago. But hidden behind the aura of sanctity and calumny, Maciel believes in his own lies.
  16. >

Maciel, I dare you to come forward and deny my charges personally and publicly. I'll soon take off [your] mask of hypocrisy!

Michael Francis Caheny

Rua Orlando Silva 2872
Capim Macio
CEP 59080-020
Natal, R.N.

011 55 84 3207 8263 [h]
011 55 84 9401 1416 [c]

BBC Newsnight Report “Maciel Situation Places Dark Cloud Over Papal Visit to UK”

As Pope Benedict XVI prepares to visit the U.K. a report by BBC Newsnight raises questions regarding the way the Vatican handled sexual abuse cases, particularly those of Fr Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ and Hans Hermann Groer, former Austrian Cardinal.

The BBC report refers to the difficult position that former Cardinal Ratzinger was in when he attempted to investigate Fr Maciel in the late 90’s and met with obstruction from Cardinal Sodano, who exerted pressure to protect Fr Macial.

Although the BBC report does not contain much in the way of new information, the focus on the secrecy, obstruction, cover-ups, manipulation of power, payoffs, disharmony among the highest ranking Vatican hierarchy and the shock, outrage, loss of confidence and giving up of the Catholic faith by a significant number of former church goers illustrates how the tentacles of the founder’s evil life continue to plague the reputation of the Vatican and to detract from the true mission of the Church.

To see the Youtube version of the BBC Report
Click Here

ReGAIN Editorial Comment:

Some people have been adversely affected / disillusioned by their experience with the Legion / Regnum Christi and have lost their faith in the Catholic Hierarchy, in the Church, in Jesus, and even in God Himself! Many have abandoned the practice of their Catholic Faith as a result.